You might be wondering why DCLN’s pricing structure is the way it is, and that’s a great question to have, so please allow us to explain this a little bit!

Usually, when you contract a service of process job, most companies would charge you a “flat rate”, but that rate will include, on average, three attempts per service of process request. Now, to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with an “all or nothing” approach to pricing, but we thought there was some room for improvement, and ultimately settled on a tiered flat rate approach. So, DCLN decided to tier our pricing structure depending on your specific needs, how does that actually work in practice?

Let’s see how exactly that saves money in a vast majority of cases.

Scenario 1

You have a service of process that needs to be executed in the Madison area. You’re not sure if this service of process will require a single attempt, or multiple attempts. You contract with DCLN to execute the service of process and we are able to successfully complete the service with a single attempt.

If we consider the total cost of billing for three attempts, regardless of actual attempts, your total would have been $65. (Or $55 if you’re a fellow Badger).

However, we completed your service of process with a single attempt. Because DCLN was able to complete your service of process with a single attempt, your effective total (or what you would actually pay) is only $45. (Or, as before, $35 if you’re a fellow Badger).

If your service of process requests are known to be single attempt jobs, such as for corporate service, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better rate in the Madison area. Corporate service aside, a vast majority of our serves are executed within one or two attempts, ultimately saving you money over paying a “flat rate” on the same service of process.

Scenario 2

You have a service of process that needs to be executed in Zone D1 (Dane County). You’re unsure on the number of attempts this service of process will require, but you contract with DCLN. On our first attempt, we are unsuccessful, but on our second attempt, we successfully execute the service of process.

Let’s break down that pricing again quick:

If we priced as a “flat rate”, your cost would have been $70, even though we only did two actual attempts. (Pattern alert: it would have been $60 if you were a fellow Badger).

However, because DCLN was able to successfully execute the service of process with just two attempts, your effective cost is only $60. (That’s $50 for our Badgerland colleagues).

Additional Discounts Available!

Not only are we proud to be Badgerland based, DCLN honors our veterans. If you served in the United States Armed Forces, please let us know, and you will receive a DCLN Veteran’s discount on top of any applicable savings.

Plus, if you contract with DCLN for continuous service of process needs, you will receive contract pricing discounts. For our pro se, or the occasional service of process needs, we still offer multiple party discounts.

Our priority is to ultimately save you time, money, and hassle by helping to optimize your operations. Contact us today to see how DCLN can help your firm or business today!