Dane County Legal Notice, herein referred to as “DCLN”, is a legal support company specializing in service of process and document handling for entities such as law firms, property management companies, and a host of other industries, herein referred to as “Partners” or “entity”. DCLN is not, expressly or implied, a law firm, or operating as a law firm, paralegal firm, or any other type of legal practice as defined under Wisconsin statutes. Our service of process and document services, pro se or otherwise, are contracted by individuals or corporations to facilitate and validate delivery of legal documents.

Third-Party Statement

Unless expressly written, DCLN is a third-party, and DCLN is not involved in your case directly beyond the scope of document delivery and delivery validation, and we make no assertion as such. At no time should receiving a notice, or receiving a delivery from DCLN, be considered legal action against you on behalf of DCLN, unless expressly written and communicated to you as such by an appointed and verified DCLN representative.

DCLN has no information regarding your case beyond what you received in your delivery, and we make no additional promise or guarantee of information procurement from any parties involved, notwithstanding any circumstance or specificity, unless such information requests are contracted from, and compensated to, DCLN, by making use of our document retrieval or courier service by either party.

As such, any inquiries for additional information procurement beyond document courier services should be directed exclusively to the third-party, or third-parties, listed in your delivery documents.

Definition and Limitation of Commitment and Responsibility (Process Serving)

Ultimately, DCLN is contracted (herein referred to as “commitment”, “service”, “contract”, “delivery”, “responsibility”) by a third-party Partner entity that wishes to deliver, and certify delivery, of legal documents to your person. DCLN’s commitment is defined as: the receipt of legal documents furnished by third-party entities, and delivery of legal documents to the addressed recipient(s) as requested by third-party entities and governing legal provisions, and any logistical requirements to deliver said legal documents.

DCLN’s commitment begins upon receipt of your legal documents from the third-party Partner entity, and terminates upon any of the following conditions:

i. A successful delivery has been completed

ii. The number of attempts required by case jurisdiction or contract has been reached

iii. Contract has been withdrawn by the third-party

iv. The recipient address has changed from what we have on-file

v. The recipient is deceased

vi. DCLN has been informed by the third-party entity that legal proceedings have been suspended, withdrawn, dismissed, or any combination thereof

At no time does DCLN stipulate that the listed conditions above are exclusive for contract commitment abatement, and DCLN withholds the right to terminate any contract, commitment notwithstanding, for any reasonable condition, or any applicable state or Federal statutes, including any business rights granted to DCLN under those same Wisconsin and Federal statutes.

Nothing in this notice of commitment and responsibility, or any other document, advertisement, website, contract, commitment, agreement, et al, verbal or written, digital or print, shall be construed as legal representation or responsibility, favorable or otherwise, for either entity, in any capacity, and DCLN’s commitment, responsibility, and liability—monetarily or otherwise—is bound by, and terminates, as defined here, in perpetuity.


DCLN will make every reasonable attempt to communicate barriers to delivery, status updates, or any other pertinent information regarding your contract or delivery in a timely fashion.

By using DCLN’s services, you agree that DCLN may contact you at any available contact method we have listed for you, and provide you that information, and that DCLN does not guarantee that we will attempt a second method of communication regarding any given matter, at any given time. It is the Partner’s responsibility to monitor all channels of communication (see: Release of Liability).

Staff Safety, Discrimination, Threats

DCLN takes the safety of our staff extremely seriously, and we will go to great lengths to pursue any individuals or entities that threaten the safety of our staff in any manner. DCLN investigates all staff reports of threats against staff safety, and may take action, including but not limited to, forwarding the reported threats to local law enforcement, involved third-parties, or any other relevant regulatory bodies.

While not an exhaustive list, we condemn, and will pursue reports of:

i. Verbal or written threats against staff safety, including threats against their family members’ or loved ones’ health or safety

ii. Death threats directed at our staff members

iii. Hate speech directed at our staff members

iv. Threats against DCLN property or DCLN staff member’s property

v. Threats of violence against third-parties listed in your documents

During actively dangerous situations, DCLN staff are empowered and trained to contact local law enforcement agencies in real-time, whom may be summoned to the location. DCLN is not responsible, or liable in any way, monetarily or otherwise, for any consequences which may arise from having to involve local law enforcement (see: Release of Liability).

Privacy Policy and Information Security

DCLN makes every reasonable attempt to maintain the security of your information, and enforces its security via the use of legal statues, robust NDA agreements, and DCLN’s Ethical Doctrine, which prevents us from sharing your information, or any contents of your legal documents, with any other third-parties which are not expressly listed in your documents as a recipient, or responsible issuing parties. Furthermore, DCLN does not engage in the practice of information resale, for any reason, to any entities, at any time.

There is, of course, one exception, as noted below:

i. We are compelled by a court of law to provide the information by being issued a warrant or subpoena

In addition to the measures notated above, all DCLN staff members are also subject to an extensive background check and identity verification process to ensure integrity at every step.

At no time shall DCLN be held liable for any release of information due to the actions of recipient(s) after delivery to your person, including but not limited to: recipient(s) discarding delivered documents in public spaces, or in view of public spaces, or any areas where public traffic travels through; recipient releasing information voluntarily to any unaffiliated third-party, either verbally or written; or recipient failure to guard protected information; or any other recipient action not defined in this document which results in the release of protected information after delivery (see: Release of Liability).

Release of Liability

In accordance with legal protections, and any additional state and Federal statutes, service of process recipients, or initiators, will release DCLN from any and all liability resulting from the delivery, and subsequent validation of delivery, of legal documents as required by civil processes. We are a neutral third-party.

Without limitation, DCLN is released from any and all liability, including but not limited to:

i. Monetary loss of any kind

ii. Property loss of any kind

iii. Loss of rights as granted by legal agreements or contracts, such as a lease

iv. Loss of time or compensation

v. Legal costs

vi. Personal consequences

vii. Any other result or outcome not expressly listed here triggered by the delivery of service of process documents

DCLN delivery recipients, Partners, or third-party entities, also acknowledge and agree to the following:

We are not attorneys: DCLN is not a law firm and we do not offer legal representation or advice of any kind, and we do not claim to do so. Any content published by DCLN, digital or print, should not be construed as legal representation, advice, or guidance, at any time, and for any reason. DCLN will not be held liable for any misconstrued assumptions to the contrary and all parties agree to fully release DCLN from any liability resulting from such assumptions.

In addition, and as notated previously, nothing in this notice of commitment and responsibility, or any other document, advertisement, website, contract, commitment, agreement, et al, verbal or written, digital or print, shall be construed as legal representation or responsibility, favorable or otherwise, for either entity, in any capacity, and DCLN’s commitment, responsibility, and liability—monetarily or otherwise—is bound by, and terminates, as defined here, in perpetuity.

Furthermore, DCLN does not provide any attorney at law representation services of any kind, and our staff are not attorneys, nor practice law in any expressly or implied manner. We are unable to provide legal guidance, counsel, or advice, to any Partner, for any reason, at any time. 

We do not guarantee outcomes: DCLN is responsible for the delivery of your documents only. We do not guarantee outcomes, legal or otherwise, and offer no protections against undesirable outcomes and situations. All parties agree to absolve DCLN of any and all liability resulting from post-delivery outcomes and situations.

Reservation of Protections: DCLN reserves any protections not expressly defined in this policy, including but not limited to, any liability protections afforded to us by state and Federal statutes. Additionally, due to the infeasible nature of predicting all possible outcomes and situations resulting from required service of process post-delivery, all parties agree to be bound by our Definition and Limitation of Commitment and Responsibility clause, and release DCLN from any possible or potential, realized or unrealized, outcomes or liabilities beyond the scope of our defined and stated responsibilities and commitments.

Policy Disclosures

DCLN reserves the right to change this policy, without further notice, at any time, and for any reason. DCLN does not guarantee that this version is the most current version, nor does DCLN guarantee that this policy was published here in its entirety. This policy notice is provided only as a public reference.